Buying and Selling Disneyland Maps


Your economics teacher will tell you that something is only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it. Having said that, I’ve seen individual maps go for as little as a couple of dollars and as much as $1000 dollars. There are many factors, other than the condition of the item, that can influence a map’s price, particularly on eBay.

This page deals with the large poster-sized maps of Disneyland. There are other types of maps sold or available at the park.


  • PHIL SEARS. This site sells memorabilia related to Disneyland and Disney in general. The prices tend to be higher than you will find on eBay, but the quality of the items is typically higher too. Phil has excellent contacts and finds items you will not find elsewhere. He also has authenticated Walt Disney autographs.
  • Etsy. New to the game, but they have a lot of Disneyland map items. It appears that all of the maps for sale here are reproductions of the originals.
  • EBAY. Is there anything that isn’t for sale on eBay? See the notes below on buying and selling on eBay.


Buying and selling on eBay can be an art. I recommend the following general principles:

  1. Know recent prices for the same item. This is for both buyers and sellers. This will give you an idea of what a reasonable price is.
  2. Know the condition of the item you are bidding on, either from the description or by communicating with the seller. If you’re not sure what you’re bidding on, don’t do it.
  3. Know how much you are willing to pay and walk away if the bid exceeds that price. Frankly, even the least common Disneyland map comes available at least a couple of times a year. Be patient. By the way, none of the Disneyland maps is actually “rare” as defined by antique or collector communities. If you want, you can probably buy a complete collection of all the maps within one year.
  4. Know your seller or your buyer. Evaluate the seller or buyer through his or her eBay feedback. Some people refuse to transact business with new eBay sellers without a history or eBay sellers with a poor history.


  1. YEAR AND EDITION. Some maps, particularly the older ones, are more valuable than newer maps. It appears that the 1958b map is the least common, but that may be an artifact of sellers being unaware of the difference between the three maps with a 1958 copyright. Unawares, the 1958b maps may be sold as 1958c maps, contributing to the perception that the “b” map is the most valuable. The same issues may exist for the 1964a and 1964b maps, and the 1995e map.
  2. CONDITION. Clearly a map that has no tears, rips, dog eared corners or marks is more valuable than one that is worn in some way. Often maps have been drawn on, either on the front or the back since they were frequently purchased for children.
  3. COLOR. Maps that have been stored, as opposed to those that were on display, will show better color.
  4. ROLLED OR FOLDED. Maps that were sold rolled and stored in that condition are more valuable than those, which are folded. Some years rolled maps were completely unavailable and all maps are folded.
  5. UNFRAMED AND UNMOUNTED. Although this may be counterintuitive, a map that is mounted or framed is less valuable than one which is free of this. Often the process of mounting will disfigure the map, particularly if the edges were trimmed. Removing a map from its mounting may damage a map. Shipping a mounted or framed map is much more expensive and potentially more prone to damage in shipping. Further, a mounted or framed map may be less desirable to a collector, who would want to remove the map.
  6. SPECIAL EDITIONS. The Disney Gallery will sometimes sell special editions of maps, either in higher quality paper or printing. For example, there is a lithograph of the 2005 map. The content is basically the same, but the quality of the printing and paper itself is higher. Recently they have also sold maps to cast members or Imagineers only. These can only be found on the resale market. On the other side of the coin, Disney re-released the 1958a map during the 45th year anniversary and more recently this map is available from the Disney Gallery as a reprint. These reprinted maps should not sell for as much as the original 1958a edition.
  7. EBAY MADNESS. It is amusing to watch on eBay as prices soar far beyond recent prices for the same thing. This can be due to a particularly well preserved item being sold, but is more often due to two or more bidders getting caught up in the thrill of the chase.