1958c Map

Map Designation: 1958c

Copyright Date(s): 1958

Series: 1958, Sam McKim

Artist: Sam McKim

Description: Third map to carry 1958 copyright date. See "How to Identify This Map" for details.

Border Color: Orange

Border Characters: Yes

Size: 36 x 24 inches

How to Identify this Map

  1. As with the 1958a and 1958b maps, the copyright appears in the lower right-hand corner and reads “1958”.
  2. Both this map and the 1958b map show the Matterhorn and the Monorail in Tomorrowland. The Viewliner in Tomorrowland is gone, as well as the Junior Autopia, replaced by the Fantasyland Autopia.
  3. Another difference between the 1958c and the 1958b maps and the 1958a map is the color of the Jungle Cruise water. In both this map and the 1958b map the water is blue.
  4. A unique difference between the 1958c and the 1958b map is that Cascade Peak is present in this map. To see where it is, find the Mark Twain Steamboat and look directly above it. If Cascade Peak and the waterfall is there, then you have the 1958c map. If you do not see Cascade Peak, then you have the 1958b map. See the comparison of the 1958b and 1958c maps.
  5. Other differences in Tomorrowland are that this map has The Art of Animation and America the Beautiful.

What is this Map Worth?

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As discussed on the 1958a map page, the three 1958 maps are very similar. This map and the previous one are in fact the most difficult to differentiate. Both this map and the 1958b maps have done away with the Viewliner in Tomorrowland and replaced it with the Monorail

Points of Interest

  • The Monorail still does not make a loop toward the Disneyland Hotel, but stays within the park. This was the first daily operational monorail in North America. Since the monorail has never become commonplace, this almost 50-year-old transportation is still "of the future." Interestingly the ramp up to the Monorail is considered an attraction called the Speedramp.
  • As with the 1958a and 1958b maps, there was a heliport at the resort to carry eager visitors from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). This figured in the movie “40 Pounds of Trouble”, staring Tony Curtis and Suzanne Pleshette, in which a casino owner and his girl friend take a young foundling to Disneyland for the day. Set in 1962 they flew from Reno, Nevada to LAX, and then took the helicopter from there to Disneyland. This movie is also the source of some confusion when there is a scene where people are supposedly on the Monorail station platform (in Tomorrowland) looking down Main Street. Some people still maintain that there used to be a Monorail station on Main Street because of this scene. (See this link for a fuller treatment of the movie. Thanks to Al Lutz and MiceChat!)