An adventure, sustainably rearing native and rare breeds of cattle, goats, pigs, poultry and sheep for quality stock, tasty eggs, delicious meat, and beautiful wool and fleeces.

Nestled on the edge of East Lancashire moorland, Monk Hall Farm is a 65 acre smallholding working together with nature. In the twenty acres of woodland mature oak, beech, and sycamore mix with newer mountain ash and silver birch covering the hillside down to the babbling brook in the bottom of the valley. On the steepest slopes carpets of heather break through providing a luxurious purple late-summer bloom. The grassland, much of it a former quarry long-since filled in, is managed to encourage plant diversity and the re-establishment of species-rich upland hay meadow. 

Wildlife abounds on the farm and the plaintive mew of a buzzard circling above is never far away. The woodland echoes with the hoots of tawny owls at dusk and brown hares break from their cover in the long grass at your approach. Our livestock are chosen for their ability to integrate with the ecosystem and to help preserve rare and native British breeds. Stocking density is kept to a level the land can support without needing to resort to artificial fertilisers or heavy machinery and the animals are given time to mature slowly in an outdoor environment where they can express their natural behaviours.

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