Mindful Movement Education

for Pain, Posture & Wellbeing

Have you been experiencing ongoing pain or discomfort in your back, neck or other areas of your body?

Is the discomfort interfering with your ability to participate in and enjoy life?

One in 5 Australians lives with chronic pain (Pain Australia)

What you may not know is that the ways in which you think about, move and carry out everyday tasks affects your wellbeing and may be contributing to the pain you experience.

Stress, inefficient movement and poor posture create vulnerability to injury, pain and general tiredness and discomfort.

The ways in which you move whilst injured or ill, protecting injured areas, can be held in the body long after injuries and illness heal. This can further undermine the ability to move with ease.

Some pain and discomfort may be linked to the way you think about yourself, your environment and your response to challenges.

Mindful Movement Education specialises in supporting you to recover from and prevent chronic pain. Incorporating the practical principles of mindfulness and the Alexander Technique you will learn skills to reduce unnecessary stress, tension and pain. In turn, this will increase your ability to move with less effort and enjoy greater freedom.

“I lived with relentless pain for a number of years. I got well using the profound and effective skills of mindfulness and the Alexander Technique. I now teach and support others to live and move with greater ease and freedom."

Anne Carroll, Mindful Movement Education ( to read more about my journey)