Projects by Grade Level

2020 Ontario Math Coding Curriculum Correlations with Lynx

Overall Expectations

Students will be able to:

  • Solve problems and create computational representations of mathematical situations using coding concepts and skills.

Important Note: Although the activities below are listed by grade, it is necessary to note that some of activities rely on skills and knowledge from earlier grades. It, therefore, is absolutely appropriate to use The Art of the Lynx, for example, as an introductory set regardless of age or grade.

In addition, the 'allocation of an age or grade' to these activities is to help with 'school' and 'the curriculum requirements'. It is not a clear and accurate representation of the depth to which you can go with any of these activities. For example, The Art of the Lynx can start young, but you can create ideas, art, and mathematical representations through adulthood with those 'simple' skills.

Also Note: At this time, we have not added in curriculum connections from other areas of the math curriculum or from other subjects.

Grade 1

The Art of the Lynx Slides 4 - 8