The Importance and Beauty of Mathematics

Let your students amaze you with their mathematical minds as they create art with turtle geometry!

"The applications of mathematics have often yielded fascinating representations and results. The beauty in mathematics can be found in the process of deriving elegant and succinct approaches to resolving problems. Other times, messy problems and seeming chaos may culminate in beautiful, sometimes surprising, results that are both simple and generalizable. Most important, the beauty of mathematics is experienced when exciting breakthroughs in problem solving are made and an air of relief and awe is enjoyed. The two aspects of mathematics, aesthetics and application, are deeply interconnected." Ontario Ministry of Education, 2020

NOTE: CanCodeToLearn is designed for rich and deep learning experiences based in constructivist pedagogy. To that end, although we provide some guidance as to curriculum area and expectations, we understand that you will use your professional judgement because ALL of these activities can be used effectively across various grades.

Actually, you will notice that in doing any one of the activity guides or card sets, students will generally go beyond coding expectations of the curriculum.

We believe that you are best positioned to 'know the curriculum', 'know your students', and to scaffold the right activities in the right ways.