We offer a diversified CSA with mostly vegetables, some fruit, and an optional egg add-on. As second-season farmers, we're offering a more affordable and perhaps unconventional CSA this year. Prices are intentionally under market rate because there is a chance that we won't know what we're doing as well as more experienced growers. Because we're only accepting a small number of members this year, we are also offering more customization and flexibility in payment and all boxes will be delivered to your home or workplace.

We're aiming for roughly 20 weeks of box delivery, starting roughly the first week of June. This is obviously weather dependent, but we'll do our best to offer value added products if the pickings are slim (past examples include garlic mustard pesto, plantain salve, and tomato jam).

Full-Share, $450: A big box of fruits and vegetables (mostly veggies).

Half-Share, $250: Half as many vegetables, same amount of weeks.

Egg Add-on, $35 (limited number): Half a dozen eggs from our chickens every week (pasture raised, soy-free feed).

Volunteer Share: Trade weekly farm labor for veggies! Talk to us about when it might work for you to regularly come out to the farm (~4 hour shift), and we'll coordinate a weekly (or biweekly, or otherwise flexible) schedule.

Barter Share: Don't have your wealth stored in dollars, and want to trade for some veggies? Make us an offer! No guarantees, and since places (like those who handle our mortgage) insist we pay them with money, we're counting on most people choosing the traditional options.

Click here for information about the stuff we're growing!

Click here for information on our Preferred Veggie System we're using to adjust individual boxes to CSA member preferences.

Click here for information about our free composting add-on.

Curious why we're bothering when dollar cheeseburgers exist? Great question, we will attempt to answer this with a new reason for every week of the season. Follow us on Facebook!

Don't know what the heck a CSA is (how did you find us, out of curiosity?) Click here for information.