Laura K. McKemmish

Quantum chemist and molecular physicist

Senior Lecturer, School of Chemistry,University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia.

Computational molecular spectroscopy for astrochemistry

    • High-resolution for small molecules

    • High-throughput for 100-1000s of molecules

    • Applications in exoplanets, cool stars and interstellar medium

Quantum chemistry method development and benchmarking

    • Basis sets

    • Spectroscopic properties

+ Some other topics that are interesting, computational, chemistry, physics or education-related


Teaching computational chemistry and programming for chemists

Engaging students in research and research skills early in their careers

Engaging high school students in research through coordination of the SciX summer school and large school excursions

Active community member promoting diversity, inclusion and mental health well-being

For more details or to get in contact, please email me at or

You can find me in Dalton Building Room 123, UNSW.