The XVI Jorge André Swieca School on Non linear and Quantum Optics is a traditional school providing basic knowledge on the phenomena of optical quantum systems and non linear optics, including quantum field theory, entanglement, nonlinear properties of metal-dielectric nanocomposites and metamaterials.

The merging of both schools, Jorge André Swieca and São Paulo School of Advanced Science, has already happened in 2015 and is intended to maximize benefits for the students.

Jorge André Swieca (Warsaw, 1936 - 1980) was a Brazilian physicist born in Poland. His main field of activity was quantum field theory (TQC). During his PhD he worked for several years together with Werner Heisenberg and his collaborators at the Max Planck Institute. He died prematurely in 1980, after complications from surgery. A prestigious summer school in particle physics and TQC began to be offered every year in his name. Subsequently a second school was started in the area of optics. (adapted from wikipedia).





The Swieca School on Non-Linear and Quantum Optics is supported by a National Committee, constituted by:

Cid Bartolomeu de Araújo (DF/UFPE-PE)

Cleber Renato Mendonça (IFSC/USP-SP)

Hugo Enrique Hernandez Figueroa (FEEC/UNICAMP-SP)

Marcelo Martinelli (IFUSP-SP)

Vanderlei Salvador Bagnato (IFSC/USP-SP)