About the project

Cyber Olympic project author and founder of Cyber Olympic is Ministry of Defence. Project Cyber Olympic Estonia 2017 is assigned to be implemented by Tallinn University of Technology in between 14.05.2017-5.12.2017.

Project goals are to: identify young talents in the cyber defence and offence filed; implement proper training program for young talents in the field; educate the wider audience to rise citizen’s awareness of crime prevention and possibilities to get educated; promote cyber security field education and career possibilities in Estonia; analyse possible shortcomings and shortcuts in cyber security training programs; propose scientific solutions thru gamification, analysing competences.

Program consist of two parts:

a. competition and training program for youth. Cyber Olympic competition and training program where we identify 14-25-year-old young talents in Estonia. The training program included different short or long period exercises that young talents must work on together with groups or independently. Exercises are developed by the companies that are involved around topics: web hack, reverse engineering, social manipulation, database security, code analysis, safe programming methods, network and mobile security, pen testing, forensics, writing a report and public speaking.

· Cyber Olympic competition 14.05-15.07 (preliminary round 101 participants and 30 in main competition) - see here in English

· Cyber Olympic training program participates 16 young talents in 7 day training 16.07-23.09 - see here (Estonian language)

b. seminar for wider audience. Cyber Olympic seminar is the best way to share learned knowledge’s and best practises with wider community (teachers, IT specialist, company owners, scientists, students and parents) regarding cyber threats, crime and trends, cyber hygiene, possibilities to improve your level (curricula for primary/secondary school, university, vocational school to life) and about these young talents. Exemplary topics in the seminar: categorizing cyber risks; visualizing cybercrime; crime, law and borders; social manipulation; cyber hygiene model and testing; trends for laypersons regarding digital safety; cyber security and IT labour and training possibilities; volunteer work done in cyber security area etc.

· Cyber Olympic seminar 15.07 - see here (Estonian language)

Supporters: Ministry of Defence, Estonian Internet Foundation, Range Force, Estonian IT College, Kehtna Vocational Training Centre, Clarified Security, Information System Authority, Titangrid, Telia Estonia, Zone Media, Tallinn Zoo, Wiretrap, Estonian Atlantic Treaty Association, Ministry of Education and Research, StratUp Estonia, StudyITinEE, PhotoPoint, Kalev, Cybexer Technologies, Cyber Defence Unit, Baltic Computer Systems, Threod Systems, Droon.ee, Estonian Informatics Teachers Association, Geenius.ee and Police.