Küberolümpia idee autor, ellukutsuja ja suurtoetaja on Kaitseministeerium.

  • Kübernaaskel/Cyberspike preliminary online round will take place: 6.-7.08.2021 (for 4-hours)

  • The main round will take place 18.08.2021 at 10:00-16:00 (6-hours)



You can participate at the 2021 CyberSpike when you are 14-26 years old at 31.12.2021. Both citizens and residents are welcome.

You can test out the preliminary round if you are younger or older or an international participant, but you cannot exceed to the main round as its dependent on international competition rules.

Statistics: 120 participants: 76 younger, 27 older, 4 residents, 13 international participants. 10% female, 90% male.

Results of the preliminary round

Results of the main round


  • CyberSpike 2021 Trophy for first three

  • 2-week internship at Cybexer Technologies for first three (unpaid)

  • 2-month internship at OIXIO for three older group best (unpaid/paid from the second month, agreement with the participants) and corporate gifts

  • Top 3 (best older group and best younger group) free domain registration from Eesti Interneti SA

  • Younger group selected participants will get a direct invite to Cyber Battle Estonia 2021

  • If you have won CyberSpike two times in a row you are welcome to become TalTech student without admission tests if you have a proper basic education certificate. Eritingimustel võetakse vastu kandideerija, kes on sisseastumisel kahe viimase aasta jooksul saavutanud „Kübernaaskel“ võistluses vanemas või nooremas vanusegrupis 1.– 3. koha.

  • Nordic online 1-day training program form 5 best younger and 5 best older group participants in 28.08.21

  • If Estonia is participating in the WorldSkills invitations for training camp for WorldSkills Cyber 2022 for selected best vocational school students

  • If Estonia is participating in the European Cyber Security Challenge (online) then an invitation to be part of the Team Estonia. In order to participate in the competition, your date of birth should be between 1995 and 2005.

  • Other goods

The competition will be technically executed by Cybexer Technologies.

Other information: Birgy Lorenz birgy.lorenz@taltech.ee