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Uncle Bubble's Ultra Bubble Concentrate is the high-performance solution now used by more bubble shows around the world than any other product.

Happy multi-year customers include: Cirque Du Soleil's LOVE (left), Su Chung Tai (right).

Now available to everyone.

This is THE internationally certified toy-safe, show quality liquid proven reliable from China to Las Vegas to everywhere EU & beyond.

A personal note: Since 2012 I've been using UBC (mixed with water as directed on the bottle -- with no additional ingredients) everywhere I go to make 100% of the bubbles in all of my shows: for small sculptures to giant KIB & hula hoop sized bubbles.

Why? After a decade of serious brewing experiments and trying every product on the market... UBC was the obvious best choice and what I would have invented if I could have. It consistently does what I need it to do, every time, everywhere. Will you have the same results? The only way to know is to try. KMJ.

Notice: As with any new bubble solution, expect an adjustment period. If your style, timing, techniques & props are now "tuned" to perform best with your current bubble solution... some practice and "retuning" is recommended. Also, be sure to wash your props & containers well before switching over to UBC to avoid contamination.

Mix 9 parts ordinary water to 1 part UBC. That's it! Easy & convenient to travel with. Store in closed container at room temperature.

New to bubbles? UBC is the fastest route to "amazing skills".


At 1 gallon of ready to use solution made from each bottle... that's 14 Gallons of solution arriving on your doorstep in one small box.

Make Uncle Bubble's Ultra Bubble Concentrate YOUR (secret) Solution.

What You Get:

14 Bottles of Ultra Bubble Concentrate.

Each bottle = 12.8oz concentrate & makes 1 gallon (4 liters)

That's 14 GALLONS or 56 LITERS of ready to use solution.

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