Inventions & Inventors

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Why feature the inventor's backstory with their inventions?

I'm hoping it encourages YOU to



Reading through old patents is a wonderful way to explore the evolution of bubble tools. WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO DO THAT? To improve your own bubble abilities.

Patents necessarily tell stories about what was going on in the minds of the inventors, especially in the Claims (of novelty) sections and descriptions of construction and function of the device.

Taking one step more, exploring the personal history of the inventor, adds color & perspective to the story and usually... deeper insight into the invention itself.

Inventions are an expression of the imagination.

  • Studying inventions is as close to home-schooling for your imagination as you'll find.
  • Look at the pictures. Read the patents.
  • Wonder about what the inventor was hoping to accomplish. Were they successful?
  • Would you have tried to accomplish the same thing from a different direction or with a different device?
  • Try to recreate (build) the invention as it is described & you will learn even more.

Elsewhere on this site you will find more specific information about what is going on in my own bubble workshop: the tools, materials & methods I prefer, my mistakes and some design successes along with opinions and other stuff of interest to pro-bubblers.