1894 Peter D. Horton

EIGHT! BubbleMaker Patents in 10 years!

US Patents: 517118, 608860, 650323, 650324, 693395, 721373, 727952, 770288

Born 1826, Peter Davis Horton was a master of penmanship, teacher, court recognized handwriting analyst, fanatic Methodist & holder of multiple fly-trap patents.

What is to appreciate about his bubbler patents?

  • Many of the designs are similar to the tools he worked with in his professional life = pens, inkwells. Adapting tools you are comfortable working with is a good thing.
  • His designs use the power of a single breath to do multiple things. Example: to both create the bubble & blow it free from the device.
  • He builds airflow controls into the designs of a few of his patents using multiple flow channels and adjustable apertures. Controlling airflow is a subtle, tricky business but key to designing a good bubble blower.

Not to do with bubbles but a funny story:

Horton's 15 year old granddaughter runs away from comfortable home to be an actress, leaves note about "The Hard, Cruel World." Found 5 days later working as a maid in a house some distance away from her home. Exhausted, she's glad to be returned. Press clips below.