About This Site

Why I built this site.

​Sure, players in the world of Bubble Entertainment know it is important and smart to keep an eye on who is doing what and where now.

What about those of us who also think it is important to appreciate Bubbler's past achievements? Who DID what, when, where and why? For you, there's SoapBubble.com. It is mostly about the world of bubblers from bygone days — I call them our Forebubblers.

As you browse through the LIBRARY you will notice I've tried to comment on most of the posts to give you some background information and perspective.

I hope and believe what you discover here will add nuance and texture to your bubbling pleasure in the here and now. Take your time. There is a lot to see. Let it inspire you.


Help? Because I live in the US and English is my only language, it is very difficult for me to research this topic as it has played out in other countries. So I would appreciate your help. If you have information about early bubblers that is not included here, please share it with me. Email.

What was SoapBubbler.com version 1?

I built the original SOAPBUBBLER.COM (2003 — 2009) to encourage the world think about bubble performance as an artform.

There were maybe 20 professional Bubblers in 2003 and the history of bubbling was 99% un-investigated. We few members of the SoapBubbleFanciers Group on Yahoo all agreed we were very lucky to have found each other,

The site introduced visitors to as many Pros as I could find and lauded their creativity. It celebrated the few Forebubblers (past performers) that I knew about, included dozens of pages of FAQs answering basic questions about how bubbles work and what we can do with them & was home to most of the "How To" videos I produced at the time.

By 2009 I stopped adding to SoapBubbler.com & eventually took it offline. The number of bubble performers was growing fast and would continue to grow without the site's help. I was busy with my new work as a bubble consultant. I was also really angry about the emails I received everyday from people demanding that I reply to questions that I had already answered on the site. I dislike lazy bubblers. A lot.

Why Version 2 of SoapBubbler.com?

​By 2016 it was clear that bubble performance was here to stay. The trouble was 95% of the acts looked the same. Worse, the few truly special performers were afraid to post videos or even pictures. Their hard would be stolen without Thanks!, payment or attribution. Most of the best innovative performers avoided exchanging ideas in online groups or Facebook discussions. Forget about emailing them.

So, why create SB.COM V2?

Innovation needs to be encouraged.

Duplication needs to be discouraged.

My favorite way to do both those things?.....

For inspiration, share the excellent but unknown bubble work of people who are already dead. & Share building tips, materials, techniques & etc. so people can start building their own props.

Notice!! A small number of bubble solutions and tricks described in the archives on this site are dangerous. They involve the use of harsh chemicals, flammable gas and/or liquids. They have been included here for historical perspective, not to encourage foolish attempts to re-create them.

Please bubble safely at all times. K.M.J.