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Here are hundreds of science experiments, parlor tricks, toy instruction guides, bubble party know-how, interesting demonstrations, funny anecdotes... many topics from many sources for the first time gathered as one collection.

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What is the power of bubbles?

Maybe Daniel C. Beard said it best in 1881:

“A SOAP-BUBBLE" is an uncouth, inelegant name for such an ethereal fairy sphere. lt is such a common, every-day sight to us, we seldom give it much attention, or realize how wonderful and beautiful is this fragile, transparent, liquid globe. lts spherical form is typical of perfection, and the ever-changing, prismatic colors of its iridescent surface charm the eye.

It is like a beautiful dream; we are entranced while it lasts, but in an instant it vanishes, and leaves nothing to mark its former existence excepting the memory of its loveliness.

Few persons can stand by and watch another blowing bubbles without being seized with an uncontrollable desire to blow one for themselves. There is a peculiar charm or pleasure in the very act, which few persons who have known it ever outgrow."