1916 Chattin Bradway

The WONDER Bubble King

Using a single, specialized pipe and breath control:

Chains, clusters, bubbles in bubbles, sculptures, swirling galaxies of bubbles... Bradway for the first time turns trick challenges away from detached bubbles & toward sculptural hanging bubble clusters.

Within this highly technical looking patent drawing is hidden a very practical toy design which will dominate bubble-play for the next decade. Can you see it?

Fig 6.

An evolutionary step up and away:

2 tubes, each one assigned to a particular outlet within the toy's bowl

Compared to: Cordtmeyer's (1 tube connected to multiple chambers within the bowl) forward thinking US 1028994 from 1912, which was also popular and copied quite a bit.

1918 CHARLES ALLAUN GB patent 116013

Was this licensed from Bradway? I haven't found evidence yet.

This pipe did well in England, Australia & etc.