Success? It's up to you (to define).

I have notebooks full of small town press clips to remind me that I've "made it". This is my version of seeing my name in lights on Broadway.

I roll in with one trip from my car---no electric light tables, soap film frames, lasers or those weird plexiglass multi-tier tables that Fan Yang invented not so long ago & too many bubblers seem to covet.

Most all of my shows are in small towns and makeshift venues & that is totally alright by me.

Theaters with stage lights & fantastic sound systems, fly-out shows, TV studios and commercial sets are fun every once in awhile but I wouldn't swap the audiences I perform for regularly or my ability to be home for dinner for grander venues or tours.

Fellow bubblers don't judge your success by others standards or the props they buy. Aspire to be yourself. Follow your gut. Take care to set the right goals for yourself. Broadway, Main Street or Back Roads... they are all ok destinations.

‚ÄčIf you enjoy the response from those people you are making bubbles for you are doing just fine.

Prestige is relative and flexible.

The connection you make with the audience is just as important as the content you choose to present no matter the ticket price or how much you can make your act look like someone else's.