Toms Comments

Tom's Comments From A Facebook post about this video.

My friend and fellow bubble enthusiast, Keith Johnson, has posted online ... for the first time! ... a video of my first performance of Bubble Magic on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show.

He says that I "forever changed the world of bubble entertainment" and it also changed things for me too. I was performing on the streets of Santa Cruz earlier that week and then later that week again. But suddenly the phone started ringing and the offers were for gigs all over the world.

Oddly enough, my street performances went downhill. My outdoor shows were centered around the performance of "political, social and spiritual satire with puppets" and if the wind stopped blowing I could try to pull off some of the several bubble tricks that I had developed. But after the TV exposure I could quickly gather a large crowd but someone in the crowd would call for me to do some bubble trick they saw on TV "Do that one that spins around ..." but with even a little breeze (in this coastal community there is always at least a little breeze) I couldn't do it. People were disappointed.

When they just happened upon me and I did whatever I did, I use to delight people but now that they knew what to ask for, I was bumming them out. "awwwww ... he can't do it."

The trips overseas and the invitations to prestigious venues (Paris Opera, Moulin Rouge stage, Japanese, Chilean, British, Norwegian, British, Egyptian, Spanish, German ... TV). made up for some of that.