Science Fair Timeline

Welcome to the Buchanan Science Fair Site!

Goal - Make the world a better place

... then SF is for you.

  • Projects are experiments with unknown conclusions when starting

  • Building a new concept is engineering which is Science Fair

  • Demonstrations, research, explanation models, & build from a kit are NOT projects in Science Fair

Monthly group meetings

  • All forms are on ZFairs... everyone fills out 1A, 1B, and PP - help is within meetings

High School level science fair projects center around 5 things:

        • Relevance to the world inspiration/discussion/extension ... most important aspect - so what?

        • Unique Question or unique take on an experiment

        • Lots of thought shown in a 100+ page journal

        • Lots of trials - over 100 when appropriate ... only a few trials means you need more time

- Some projects take multiple years - they tend to win and go to INTEL

        • Strong analysis of data ... the more math, the stronger the analysis

Timeline 2022-23

DUE dates are to Ms. Herrington with journal checks OR online submissions

  • Oct 14th-Interest and idea DUE plus your CUSD code of ethics (linked on GC)

  • October-Research & Question in Journal

    • Digital is great but you need your written journal too!

    • Search State Science Fair History page for ideas

  • Oct 28-Registration DUE on ZFairs - All forms due with signatures

On-line Registration (linked on GC) ... don't forget to include your PROCEDURE in your registration!

*Each person in your group needs to register so I have their contact info.

  • February 9th-DUE-Digital Project Poster @ BHS

  • March 13th -DUE-FINAL project on ZFairs & Fairgrounds

    • interviews: March 13th Interview @ Fresno Fairgrounds by 4:45PM (5PM to 7PM) map from BHS

  • State Science Fair is April @ CA State Science Center in Los Angeles

  • ISEF is May @ Houston, TX

Getting Started is always the hardest step. Here are some ideas to get you started!

Would clay create a cheaper and more effective pesticide?

Engineer a solar filtration for cleaning water

Create an algorithm or program a robot to do something

Determine a better solar panel material

Design a more effective watering system for a farm

Trap released methane from waste & make energy

Look at released data sets ... GEO Data Sets Website

Always stay POSITIVE like a PROton!