Thank you for your continued support

in education, Buchanan High School, science, chemistry, environmental reductions, and computer science.

Donations welcomed to class ... room 902 @ BHS

Nice, supporting, uplifting emails ... might be shared with other educators : )

Physical Donations listed below

Old toys that need new homes ... shared with other educators, especially middle school teachers

Chemistry tools ... glassware, cups, and containers are welcomed (anything can have a purpose)

Chemicals ... old spices, baking soda, sugar, salt, rock salt, yeast, cornstarch, gelatin, vinegar, glycerin, and more (please have in a ziplock bag with science donation listed - no bags of white powder without labels ... you know why!)

Science tools ... spoons, spatulas, straws, stirrers, pieces of wood, pieces of metal (used spokes from bicycles please cover-grease concerns), cleaning brushes, clear tubes, hoses, rags, towels, styrofoam pieces, ziplock bags, and more

Education tools ... white boards, white board pens, red pens, pencils, dice, timers, soap, painters tape, masking tape, clear tape, colored pens packs, colored pencil packs, calculators, tissue boxes, laminated sleeves for paper

The best support is always adults staying positive,

sending emails to find out how to better coach and empower their student,

and checking in with the educator.

Always stay POSITIVE like a PROton!