Fellow Teachers

Hello and welcome to my fellow educators. If you are looking for my old middle school website, go here.

Please note that I do not own any ideas but have adapted many ideas from others.

If you adapt an activity to your classroom, please let me know how it works. I love to hear new ideas!

My students sometimes like to review with old fashioned games like Jeopardy. There are a few things you must follow to be able to get sounds. Each game has hundreds of links ... but please remember you already have them as long as you follow the folder rule. You will be able to change, alter, and not recreate the wheel.

Using Jeopardy Games

1. Save zipped file named Jeopardy on your Desktop.

2. Unzip the file.

3. Move the new Jeopardy folder to your Documents, or a place where you will not move it from.

4. Keep all Jeopardy games in this folder.

5. Open a Jeopardy game and change questions and answers.

6. Save Jeopardy game into Jeopardy folder. Link to download from folder

Templates in Slides

When doing PhETs or other online activities, our students answer questions and make reflections on slides. This allows us to focus them on concepts and still allow for creativity. Here is a link to our TEMPLATES folder. Feel free to copy any to your drive.


Over the years, I have made CSTA, CLRN, CLMS, and NASA presentations. Here is the link to a folder with all of my presentations. Feel free to copy any to your drive. Some of these are quite funny to look at like how to make videos when they are 10 years old.

As always, feel free to email me if you want any updated materials that I might use.

If you would like any of the posters that I have made, click their names to get their download. Below the links is a link to folder that has more posters and how I put the SEPs and CCs up in my class (printed each one on 8X11 then laminated as a line). Enjoy and use. The nature and wildlife pictures within posters are mine so there is no copyright issues. This includes all of the "Like a" posters in the folder.

Organization to support students moving forward with their journaling & SEPs

Journal Reasoning & Rubric (DOC/PDF)

Science Engineering Practices Rubric (DOC/PDF)

1/2 Sheet Card-Outline & Sentence Starters for a CER (DOC/PDF)

Always stay POSITIVE like a PROton!