Learning a science, like chemistry, is not just learning concepts like the atom. You will be learning content through interactions which we call practices. The practices you use are a part of learning chemistry. Listed below are the eight (8) science and engineering practices that you will be engaged in during class. Keep track of their interactions and how they look in different disciplines of science-especially chemistry this year.

Energy Academy gives you the opportunities to go further into the practices within your projects. During you junior and senior years, you should be focusing the content learned through these practices. Here is a big hint - remember that when you write a reflection in your upper energy academy classes.

1-Asking scientific questions and defining engineering problems

2-Develop and using models

3-Planning and carrying out investigations

4-Analyzing and interpreting data

5-Using mathematics and computational thinking

6-Constructing scientific explanations and designing engineering solutions

7-Engaging in argument from evidence

8-Obtaining, evaluating, and communicating information

Always stay POSITIVE like a PROton!