Letter of Recommendation

Congratulations for looking forward into your passion

College cost money & scholarships add up!

If you need a letter of recommendation from Ms H (or any teacher), here are the steps:

Email Ms H at LEAST a month before you need the letter ... I say yes to 3 a month

Here is what your email should include:

  1. When the letter is needed - by you, not the school. A good rule of thumb is to ask for a few weeks before the actual deadline

  2. Give a quick explanation OR what you want the letter to focus on. An explanation can cover this or ask for leadership focus, classroom work ethic focus, project focus, passion for learning focus, etc.

The week you need it by, send a FRIENDLY reminder email ... thanking Ms H (or other teacher) for having the letter ready this week - nice way of reminding is with a thank you : )

Go attack the world and share your passion!

Make us all proud by enjoying life!!!

Always stay POSITIVE like a PROton!