Amplified K12, Virtual Field Trip, Journey to Mars


Student using the Hololens with mars in the background
The Mars Rover through the Hololens

KCAD partnered with Protege Games and Innocademy Schools to imagine a virtual-reality, educational field trip.

We designed a complete experience that harnesses the Microsoft HoloLens concept as well as other technologies. With this design students can have an immersive experience, within any space-time desired, by simply walking down the hall in their own school.

Interaction Design

Interaction Design happens at the intersection of the digital and physical worlds. This semester will take the idea through the initial system design phase.

The Hololens Technology

Project Deliverables

  • KCAD - Research Technology... what is available now and what is emerging.

  • KCAD + Protege/Innocademy - Understand the User through interviewing, collaborating and data analysis.

  • Protege/Innocademy - Write mini scripts for a series of mini experiences that are desired and/or required to create a meaningful user experience. For our project this means developing a lesson plan and targeting some field trip activities.

  • KCAD - String as many of the mini scripts together as makes sense into a meaningful experience and illustrate it in a Journey Map.

  • KCAD - Create info-graphics, business flow diagrams and layouts illustrating the physical aspects of the UX.

  • KCAD - Perform a Cost and Scalability Study

  • Protege/Innocademy - Design and Construct a Low Fidelity prototype

  • KCAD + Protege/Innocademy - Perform user testing, collect data and analyze it.