In his capacity as an economic expert, Johannes Paha has been consulting companies in all areas of competition economics since 2008, bringing his scholarly expertise to case work.

Having initially focused his research on collusion, he gained vast experience in cartel damages cases consulting claimants and plaintiffs in a variety of sectors. He offers a unique perspective by combining his knowledge in game theoretic industry analysis with his skills in econometrics. He embraces structural regression approaches based on a thorough understanding of the industry and the data available. Especially his practical experience in auditing often proves valuable in this context.

Johannes has published on antitrust compliance. He is the editor of a volume on Competition Law Compliance Programmes (Springer) and has frequently presented his risk-based approach to authorities and practitioners.

"It is important to me implementing compliance measures on the basis of a thorough risk assessment, and doing this assessment efficiently using information already collected for management purposes."

Johannes has had the privilege to consult companies also in merger cases and concerning the alleged abuse of a dominant position. His current work is focused on vertical restraints in consumer goods industries and on the assessment of sustainability efficiencies. Teaching courses on various aspects of economic policy (antitrust, public finance, trade, development and environmental economics) complemented his long-standing interest in European state aid control.

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  • Cartel damages

(trucks, elevators, drugstore products)

  • Merger control

(paper and carton, internet platforms)

  • Abuse of a dominant position

(postal services)

  • Competition law compliance



  • Econometric analyses

(damages calculations, demand analysis)

  • Competition assessments

(pass-on, pricing, buyer power)

  • Competition law compliance

(screening, risk assessment)


  • Doctorate, 2011

  • Habilitation, 2017


johannes (dot) paha (at) wi (dot) jlug (dot) de