Killer Peanuts Statement

The killer peanuts are interlocking forms which appear to be made of squeezable foam but are actually ceramic.

Killer Peanuts all started when I bought a bag of peanuts for my husband to give to the squirrels on his way to work. Each day I would bag up a handful for him to take but sometimes I couldn’t bear to give some of them away – I liked their shapes too much. So I started a collection of favourite peanuts in their shells.

Firstly I liked the shape – the way that the shell muffled the outline of the nuts inside, then I noticed the soft lining inside the shell. I took to carrying my best ones about in my handbag and drawing them.

A trip to Greece had begun an interest in the evil eye which I saw everywhere – on talismans, boats and dangling in taxis. The yellow colour came from a Rupert Bear story where all the gnomes in Nutwood get painted yellow overnight - I liked the idea of the benign and familiar becoming sinister and otherworldly. Somehow in my mind the peanuts, evil eyes and yellow gnomes came together as a kind of cute and malevolent being.

Size: 20cm high, 34cm wide

Materials: Ceramic - Slipcast & hand built earthenware, body stain, oxides

Price: £300.00 [Edition of 2, both for sale]

Contact: Jo Goddard by email

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