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Scrip - gift cards

Make money for your regular purchases!

These are products you ALREADY buy!

  • Do you eat at restaurants / buy a daily cup of coffee?

  • Do you need to buy clothes or shoes?

  • Do you buy gas?

  • Do you go to movies?

  • Do you have regular prescriptions?

  • Do you have any home repairs that you will be doing?

Avoid more "traditional" fundraising activities

  • No door-to-door selling

  • No "up-charge" on products

  • No catches or gimmicks

  • Just real, honest "give back" to your account!

What is SCRIP?

The SCRIP program provides a way for you to purchase gift cards for more than 100 area businesses and restaurants. The value of that gift card is exactly what you spend on it. For example, if you order a $50 gift card from Applebee’s, then you receive the entire $50 to spend. The program benefits you and your student because each business offers a rebate percentage of your purchase that will go directly into your student's account. The percentage of profit varies by business.

You get money back for money you would have spent anyway.

So, instead of paying cash for your next meal, or instead of charging your cup of coffee each morning, by purchasing SCRIP gift cards to those locations that you know you will use, you are benefiting your child's individual band account.

Many of our families use the SCRIP program to buy gift cards that they know they will use in the near future. Additionally, this is a GREAT way to send gifts to family and/or friends for birthdays, holidays, graduation, etc. The businesses that participate in SCRIP include many nation-wide chains, and those gift cards are good all over the country!

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Watch this informational video to see how it works!

Contact Mrs. Jana Reinhart with questions at 772-4700 ext. 2892 or

how do i order?

**Orders placed monthly**

Click here to download a copy of our SCRIP gift card order form.

This order form along with payment can be turned in to the Music Office, and your order will be filled within one week. Orders are placed on the first Friday of each month. Please turn in order form and payment by the preceding Thursday at 3:30 p.m.

  • Orders submitted by 5/6/21 will be placed on 5/7/21

  • Orders will not be placed during the Summer and will resume after school begins in the Fall.

Orders can be picked up by your child, or you may stop by the Music Office during the day to pick up your order.

Cash or checks payable to Jefferson Band Boosters are the methods of payment accepted.

If you have questions, please contact Mrs. Jana Reinhart, the Instrumental Music Secretary at Jefferson HS:

772-4700 ext. 2892 or

New families should complete the Registration Form to participate in the SCRIP program. Turn it in with your first order, and you'll be assigned a Family Account Number.

Cash & Carry Inventory: The following gift cards are normally kept in stock and available for immediate purchase. Please check with the band office on availability.

  • Fresh Thyme $20 and $50

  • Hu Hot $10

  • McDonalds $5

  • Meijer $25

  • Monicals $10

  • Speedway $25 and $100

  • Walmart $25 and $100