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Marching band

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Marching Band is a voluntary activity, and will only meet as an extracurricular ensemble.

Directors: Tyler Long / Becky Winger / Matt Finger

Semesters: Extracurricular - (After School) - during Fall semester

Prerequisite: Permission of Director of Bands

The Jefferson Marching Band is comprised of all instrumentalists at Jefferson who wish to participate in the competitive marching band. Membership in this ensemble requires the willingness and ability to attend all extra-curricular practices and performances for the ensemble. The schedule of additional practices and performances is distributed at the Spring "Call-Out" meeting, prior to the next school year.

Additionally, marching band families will be responsible for paying a participation fee, which covers program design, additional staffing, travel costs for the season, and many other items. Fund-raising opportunities do exist for all families, and assistance from the Jefferson Band Boosters is also possible. Specific financial concerns and/or needs may be discussed with the band staff.

The band will be exposed to advanced techniques related to the marching band idiom, including advanced tone production, rhythmic development, balance and blend, stylistic refinement, and showmanship attributes necessary for their performances.

The marching band will perform extensively through the fall semester, including all home football games and at state and regional competitions. Travel, both in and out of state, is a regular occurrence for this ensemble.

2022 Marching Bronchos

All scheduled rehearsal and performance dates are included on the Calendar.

Show Title: Wabi Sabi

Performance Schedule:

  • 08/09/22 - Marching Band Community Night Preview - Scheumann Stadium 6pm

  • 08/19/22 - Football Game vs. Indianapolis Cathedral

  • 09/09/22 - Football Game vs. Richmond

  • 09/10/22 - Brownsburg Invitational

  • 09/17/22 - Northwestern Invitational

  • 09/23/22 - Football Game vs. Harrison

  • 09/24/22 - Star City Invitational (host)

  • 10/01/22 - Bands of America Louisville Regional

  • 10/08/22 - ISSMA Scholastic Prelims

  • 10/14/22 - Football Game vs. Kokomo

  • 10/21/22 - Bands Of America Indianapolis

  • 10/22/22 - ISSMA Scholastic Finals @ Franklin Central

  • 11/12/22 - Fall Gala @ 7pm (standstill performance)

  • 12/03/22 - Lafayette Christmas Parade 5:30 p.m.


Please sign up to help where you can! Check the Volunteers page for more information or fill out this Google form:

How ISSMA marching band classifications are determined:

Open Classifications are based on school enrollment size for grades 9 – 12:

  • Open Class A (1660 and Up)

  • Open Class B (925 – 1659)

  • Open Class C (562 – 924)

  • Open Class D (Up to 561)

Scholastic Classifications are based on number of band participants:

  • Scholastic Class A (Up to 110)

  • Scholastic Class B (Up to 55)

Lafayette Jefferson is a Class A school based on enrollment. If the marching band has less than 110 members, we can choose to compete in Scholastic Class instead of Open Class.


2021 ISSMA Scholastic Class A Finals (7th place) - "Black Swan"

2020 - no competitive season due to COVID-19

2019 ISSMA Scholastic Class A Finals Champion (1st place!) - "The Persistence of Time"

2018 ISSMA Scholastic Class A Finals (3rd Place) - "Nature's Burden"

2017 ISSMA Scholastic Class A Finals (2nd Place) - "Breaking the Cycle"

2016 ISSMA Open Class A - "The Traveler"

2015 ISSMA Open Class A - "Simply Sondheim"

2014 ISSMA Open Class A - "Amelia: The Final Flight"

2013 ISSMA Open Class A (Semi-State Finalist) - "Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue"

2012 ISSMA Open Class A (Semi-State Participant) - "A Day in the Life"

2011 ISSMA Open Class A (Semi-State Participant) - "Music in Motion"

2010 ISSMA Open Class A State Finals (7th place) - "Statuesque"

2009 ISSMA Open Class A - "Run for the Roses"

2008 ISSMA Open Class A - "Siyawe - Impressions of Africa"

2007 ISSMA Open Class A - "Cosmosaic"

2005 ISSMA Open Class A State Finals (8th place)

2002 ISSMA Open Class A State Finals (9th place)

1997 ISSMA Open Class A State Finals (10th place)

1993 ISSMA Open Class A State Finals (10th place)

1985 ISSMA Open Class A State Finals (4th place)

1984 ISSMA Open Class A State Finals (4th place)

1983 ISSMA Open Class A State Finals (5th place)

2019 Marching Bronchos