much better than a loupe for the iridology student

Smartphone iriscope IRISO iridology

Miniris-2 is a universal attachment that transforms any smartphone or phablet into a basic iriscope for iridology students (for professional use, consider the Iricell and Xpert+170). It is designed to capture sharp and well lit close-up iris pictures with its acrylic 40 diopters lens and integrated Led lighting system. Easy to put on and off in seconds, and safely keep in its hard shell protective case.

Due to its low price, Miniris-2 uses a dazzling single front light, while the more advanced models Iricell and Xpert-620 use a comfortable side lighting. Get to know the superiority of the IRISO Lighting System in this article.

  • Uses 1 AAA Alkaline or rechargeable battery (not regular zinc carbon battery).
  • For use with smartphones, will not fit tablets.
  • Each unit is fully checked and tested at shipping time.
  • Warranty: 30 days after receiving (does not cover misuse damage such as mounting on a tablet, scratched lens or wrong battery )
  • Perfect complement is the Miniris app for Android only, an independent project by Jörg Eisfeld. It includes a shooting wizard, automatic filing system and overlays iridology graphs or maps perfectly adjustable to each iris picture. More information in Google Play store and at Jörg Eisfeld's web site where a Windows complementary program can be downloaded.

MINIRIS PRICE: US $95 // 90€ free worldwide shipping

Group purchase: 10% discount on orders of 6 or more

PAYMENT AND SHIPPING OPTIONS: payment by PayPal or Westen Union. Free shipping by Registered Mail (4 to 6 weeks). // Upgrade to Priority Mail (2 to 4 weeks) add $25 or € to America and Europe, anywhere else add US $30 or € // By DHL (2 a 8 days) add the following: American continent: US$50 or € / Europe: US$70 or € / other countries: US$80 or €



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