Transforms your phone into an iriscope

Iriscope smartphone iridology Bernard Jensen IRISO Iricell

This accessory transforms the any smartphone into a powerful iriscope able to take high quality iris pictures. Two powerful last generation LEDs in the eyepiece produce the typical IRISO side lighting, giving in three possible illuminations: horizontal pair of lights for an homogeneous illumination and basic diagnosis of the iris, or each individual lateral light in positions 3:00 or 9:00 to accentuate textures and reliefs in fibers or lagoons. The lighting is changed by a switch on top flanked by two indicator LEDs that show the light activated in the eyepiece. Learn more through the following link how the IRISO lateral lighting system allows a more powerful light without hurting the eyes.

Two power levels make for light or dark colored iris, yielding excellent photographs in both cases. The lens is all glass, a high quality treated optics with three elements in two groups to ensure maximum use of the cell phone's camera capabilities (it is important to clean the cell phone's lens prior to each photo session). Easy to place on most phones or tablets, Iricell comes in a shell type carrying case.

For Android phones, Eye Diagnose app by Jörg Eisfeld is a great complement as it displays iridology graphics on top of the photographs and includes a filing system per patient's name.


  • compatible with most smartphones
  • optimized 3 elements (one aspherical) optical glass optics in 2 groups, multicoated, for sharp iris photos
  • lighting by two 1.8mm ultimate generation LEDs, high power for brown eyes and low for blue ones
  • Resolution according to the phone camera (8MP or more recommended). For best results, care should be given in cleaning the phone's lens prior to installing and accurately center both lenses.
  • black eyepiece eliminates reflections from surroundings
  • powered by 2 alkaline or rechargeable AAA batteries (battery duration around 50 to 80 full shooting session on a fresh alkaline or NiMH set, variable according to power level used and shooting time)
  • voltage regulated lights, preventive shutdown after 5 minutes of power-up (resettable by turning off and on again), and battery level red/green LED indicator.
  • includes compact carrying hard case
  • One year warranty

IRICELL PRICE: US $350 // 330 € free worldwide shipping

PAYMENT AND SHIPPING OPTIONS: payment by PayPal or Westen Union. Free shipping by Registered Mail (4 to 6 weeks). // Upgrade to Priority Mail (2 to 4 weeks) add $25 or € to America and Europe, anywhere else add US $30 or € // By DHL (2 a 8 days) add the following: American continent: US$50 or € / Europe: US$70 or € / other countries: US$80 or €


IRISO iriscope iridology Bernard Jensen
IRISO iriscope iridology Bernard Jensen
IRISO iriscope iridology Bernard Jensen
Iriscope smartphone iridology Bernard Jensen IRISO Iricell
Iriscope smartphone iridology Bernard Jensen IRISO Iricell

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