How to order


Please contact us first to determine product availability, and let us know your selected shipping method to confirm the resulting total cost. Send us a mail at or call us at the numbers mentioned at the bottom of this page.

PayPal: process the payment through the link

Western Union payment: should you prefer to pay by Western Union, let us know to send you the necessary information.

Give us the shipping information: first and last name, shipping address written exactly as it should appear in separate lines, and a phone number for the shipping company.

All products are shipped for free by registered Mail (4 to 6 weeks). For an added fee, they can also be shipped by Priority Mail / EMS (2 to 3 weeks), or by DHL (1 to 3 days to USA, 4 to 8 days elsewhere).

Regular to Priority mail upgrade fees: US$25 to America and Europe, $30 rest of the world.

DHL extra fees: US$50 to America / US$70 to Europe / US$80 rest of the world.

All packages ship from Mexico. Import duties are the customer's responsibility. For some unknown reason, Customs in many countries are less strict and charge less import duties through official mail (Post). We ship our parcels through official mail as discreet packages to reduce the probability of these expenses. Parcels shipped through DHL are charged the regular import duties (we have not seen our shipping being taxed to the USA and Puerto Rico, although we cannot guarantee it will not happen). An import duty calculator can be found following this link.

TRACKING: a tracking number is sent to you right after dropping with shipper. is a universal and international tracking page that solve most inquiries.

Also, mail (Post) packages can be initially tracked through this official link of Correos de México (Mexico Post). Once deposited in the recipient's country, further tracking should be done directly through that country's mail (Post) system using the same number.

DHL packages can be tracked here.

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