20MP professional iriscope

Xpert-620 comes with more light power than any iriscope on the market and shines at picturing dark irides with as much detail as blue ones. The exclusive variable lighting system from IRISO with six different schemes allows a much deeper exploration in surface and fiber textures:

    • horizontal light pair for basic diagnosing, vertical pair to better appreciate sclerotic
    • four lateral individual texture lights at 3:00, 6:00, 9:00 and 12:00 positions, to observe fibers, lacunae and crypts, showing much detailed information as when traditionally moving a light source around the eye

The complete set of 6 pictures makes a valuable record that can be thoroughly studied anytime during and after after consultation.

Xpert-620 explores the iris shades and texture with side lighting without hurting or bothering even sensitive eye. Most iriscopes hit the eye from the front, both hurting and giving a flat perception that shows colors without analyzing fibre textures.

The integrated WiFi connection allows automatically sending the images to the computer or the Tablet, for large-screen deployment and analysis in iridology software.

Built around a reliable Canon camera body, Xpert-620 is the most intuitive, friendliest to use and best priced iriscope in its class.


    • 20 megapixeles Canon camera pre-programmed to give sharp high resolution images and faithful colors in full automatic mode
    • wireless Wifi connection to easily download pictures to computer, tablet or smartphone and open in diagnose software or any app
    • enlarges up to 28x on camera screen, or 55x on computer (calculated comparing original iris size to final on screen image)
    • ergonomic eyepiece isolates from external light and unwanted reflections, iris lighting by 4 tiny ultimate generation high energy LEDs, reflection size is reduced and enough light power is available to faithfully capture great detail in dark eyes.
    • 3 light intensity levels for brown, green or blue eyes and 6 different lighting schemes by rotating a knob
    • regulated voltage for constant high quality images, power saving standby mode when detecting lack of activity (restarts with movement), 5 minutes session auto shut-off, low battery shut-off protection and precise battery level indicator.
    • powered by 1 lithium (camera) and 2 AA batteries (light source)
    • one year warranty


PRICE : US $1,330 / 1,250€


PAYMENT : PayPal or Westen Union

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Xpert variable lighting system

The exclusive lighting system into the professional IRISO Xpert allows 6 different combinations of direction of the light simply turning a knob:

- Two horizontal lights: for a homogeneous illumination, it provides the main photo to evaluate lesions, colorations and the iris general conformation

- Two vertical lights: complements the previous shot, allowing a better appreciation of the sclera by illuminating it with less intensity

- Individual lights in four different positions: a useful resource for a detailed study of any iris with marked reliefs, and to have a better perception of the tissues in lesions.

Xpert Tabletop Stand

IRISO professional iriscope iridology Bernard Jensen

Useful accessory in the office, its design makes the patient lean his own weight on the base, providing the necessary firmness to then apply the face against the camera's eyepiece. Three sections telescopic column in strong black aluminum, adjustable from 30 to 80cm. Will also work with mobile phone and Iricell (mention so as to include a phone adapter at no extra cost).

PRICE Tabletop Stand: US $120 / 110€ free shipping by Registered Mail (4 to 6 weeks)

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No additional shipping charge when shipped together with an Xpert iriscope or an Iricell.

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