Sam Lynn Ballpark

Park Name: Sam Lynn Ballpark

Tenants: Bakersfield Train Robbers (Pecos League)

Opened: 1941

Grandstand Rebuilt: 1994

Address: 4009 Chester Avenue, Bakersfield, California 93301

Dimensions: 328' (L), 354' (C), 328' (R)

Former Tenants: 

Bakersfield Badgers (California League) 1941-1942

Seattle Rainiers (Pacific Coast League Spring Training) 1944, 1947-1948

Bakersfield Indians (California League) 1946-1955

Bakersfield Boosters (California League) 1956

Bakersfield Bears (California League) 1957-1967

Bakersfield Dodgers (California League) 1968-1975

Bakersfield Outlaws (International Women's Professional Softball) 1977

Bakersfield Outlaws (California League) 1978-1979

Bakersfield Mariners (California League) 1982-1983

Bakersfield Dodgers (California League) 1984-1994

Bakersfield Blaze (California League) 1995-2016

Bakersfield Blues (Western League) 2019, 2021-2022

The view from behind home plate at Sam Lynn Ballpark.

The view from down the first base line.

The view from down the third base line.

The grandstand at Sam Lynn Ballpark, as seen from the right field corner.

The pressbox is a simple structure that sits at the top of the open grandstand behind home plate. 

Box seats run behind the backstop, separated from the rest of the seating by a concrete walkway.

A covered picnic area and a large concrete bleacher section run down the first base line, with a smaller wooden bleacher section in right field.

A mural on the side of the concrete bleachers celebrates the Train Robbers as well as Bakersfield's oil production and music history.

A picnic area on the third base line features a large tent for shade.

The concourse at Sam Lynn Ballpark, behind the main grandstand.

The field features a long, wide foul area behind home plate with a short backstop.

The outfield wall is a tall wooden fence as it is only 358 feet to center field. The bullpens are in play in foul territory.

Sam Lynn Ballpark was built facing the "wrong direction" so the sun sets behind the center field fence. Because of this night games often start late and the park features an abnormally tall batter's eye in center field and tall trees behind the rest of the outfield fence.

The scoreboard sits behind the right field wall.

A Western League game on the field at Sam Lynn Ballpark.