Cheney Stadium

Park Name: Cheney Stadium

Tenants: Tacoma Rainiers (Pacific Coast League)

Opened: 1960

Address: 2502 South Tyler Street, Tacoma, Washington 98405

Dimensions: 325' (L), 425' (C), 325' (R)

Former Tenants:

Tacoma Giants (Pacific Coast League) 1960-1965

Tacoma Cubs (Pacific Coast League) 1966-1971

Tacoma Twins (Pacific Coast League) 1972-1977

Tacoma Yankees (Pacific Coast League) 1978

Tacoma Tugs (Pacific Coast League) 1979

Tacoma Tigers (Pacific Coast League) 1980-1994

Tacoma Rainiers (Pacific Coast League) 1995-2019

Tacoma Rainiers (Triple-A West) 2021

The view from behind home plate at Cheney Stadium.

The view from down the first base line.

The view from down the third base line.

The grandstand at Cheney Stadium, as seen from the right field corner.

The pressbox and two levels of luxury suites sit at the top of the seating bowl.

Handicap seating areas in the grandstand feature folding chairs and wooden decking.

Several levels of picnic tables run down the left field line.

A statue of Ben Cheney, who oversaw the building of the stadium that bears his name, sits in the stands among several of the stadium's original seats which came from Seals Stadium in San Francisco.

The "R Bar" group seating area sits at the top of the stadium in the left field corner and features a fire place.

Landscaped stairs lead up to the fire place and "R Bar".

More group seating stands over the left field wall, with the bullpens underneath.

A grass seating berm sits at the right field end of the grandstand at Cheney Stadium.

A children's play area sits in the right field corner of the outfield concourse.

The main concourse, behind the grandstand.

The Tacoma Baseball Hall of Fame sits on the concourse at Cheney Stadium.

A plaque on the concourse celebrates Rainiers players who have made the Major Leagues, while posters on the walls honor big names like Gaylord Perry who have played at Cheney Stadium.

Cheney Stadium was built in just over 3 months in 1960, and the original light towers were brought in from Seals Stadium. One of those towers still stands at the ballpark.

The video board and line score board sit behind the outfield wall on either side of the batter's eye.

The Tacoma Rainiers on the field during a game at Cheney Stadium.