Noyes Park

Park Name: Noyes Park

Tenants: Sherrill Silversmiths (New York Collegiate Baseball League)

Address: 138 East Hamilton Avenue, Sherrill, New York 13461

Dimensions: 246' (L), 450' (C), 325' (R)

Former Tenants:

Sherrill Silversmiths (Eastern Collegiate Baseball League) 2009-2010

The view from behind home plate at Noyes Park. The Silversmiths logo behind home plate features a crossed fork and spoon to celebrate the city's history of flatware production.

The view from down the first base line. The youth softball field sits behind the left field wall.

The view from down the third base line.

The stands at Noyes Park, as seen from center field.

A portable press box trailer sits behind the backstop, with a combination concession/merchandise stand ust behind it.

A small additional press tent sits next to the trailer.

The concession stand at Noyes Park also features restrooms and a water fountain. A picnic table behind the backstop also acts a makeshift trainer's table.

A small set of bleachers sits down the first base line.

A slightly larger set of bleachers sits along the third base side.

Park benches run along the left field line, and fans also set up their own chairs in the shade of the park's trees.

The open-air above ground dugouts at Noyes Park. Plaques on the backstop celebrate wins by the local American Legion teams.

Both teams use the same bullpen in the right field corner of the park, next to the combination basketball/tennis courts.

Noyes Park features both a chalked foul line and a second out-of-play line beside it on each side of the diamond.

The park is used for multiple sports throughout the year, so the outfield fence is a temporary structure for baseball season, and it is taller in right field where it borders a residential street.

The scoreboard sits behind the right field wall, with local houses behind the trees.

The modular outfield fence forms a sharp corner in center field.

The Sherrill Silversmiths on th field during a game at Noyes Park.