Wrigley Field

Park Name: Wrigley Field

Tenants: Chicago Cubs (National League)

Opened: 1914

Address: 1060 West Addison Street, Chicago, Illinois 60613

Dimensions: 355' (L), 400' (C), 353' (R)

Former Names:

Weeghman Park (1914-1920)

Cubs Park (1920-1926)

Former Tenants:

Chicago Whales (Federal League) 1914-1915

The bleacher entrance to Wrigley Field at the corner of Waveland and Sheffield Avenues.

The view from behind home plate during batting practice.

The view from down the first base line at Wrigley Field.

The view from down the third base line, looking toward the small video board in the right field corner.

The grandstand at Wrigley Field. The park was built in 1914 and is the second oldest park in the major leagues, and the only former Federal League park still standing.

The pressbox in the upper deck. A caricature of legendary Cubs announcer Harry Caray hangs in the windows.

The main, original, seating level at Wrigley Field.

Small electronic scoreboards hang from the rafters on the main level, keeping fans in the loop who's view of the scoreboard in center is blocked by the upper deck.

The lower bowl features some obstructed view seats, as the support poles for the upper deck run right in front of some seats.

The upper deck, with a level of luxury boxes underneath.

Pennants bearing the name of each major league team, and light stands atop the roof. Wrigley was the last major league park to install lighting, and still holds many more day games than most parks in the big leagues.

The view of the playing field from the upper deck.

The Chicago skyline as seen from the upper deck patio behind home plate.

Flags on the foul poles display Cubs retired numbers, and the buildings around the park are fitted with their own bleacher sections looking into the park.

Rooftop bleacher sections stretch out behind the Ron Santo statue at the main gate.

The rooftop bleacher sections are run independently, with cooperation from the team.

The bleachers in the foreground are part of the park, while the background bleachers are on buildings across the street.

The Wrigley outfield and the left field bleachers. Some of the buildings across the street feature rooftop ads as well as bleachers.

The center field bleachers and the massive hand operated scoreboard. The team flies a flag from the flag pole on top after a game, displaying either a "W" or "L" to let Cubs fans know the result of that day's game.

The outfield wall, brick covered in the iconic ivy, curves out at the corners, creating recessed "wells".

The right field well, looking out toward the bleachers in center field.

The "basket" atop the outfield wall extends out from the wall and means the home run distance is actually less than the distance to the fence.

The bullpens are located in foul territory beyond the dugouts down each line.

Signs on the concourse warn fans to watch out for foul balls.

The Chicago Cubs on the field during a game at Wrigley Field.