Hinsdale Central High School

Mission Statement

The study of music involves participation, discussion and performance of musical works that have artistic and historical importance.  Each student will strive to develop his or her own skills to the highest possible level.  In support of these ideals, we endeavor to create quality large ensemble performances, study music of historical significance, rehearse separately and together to develop expertise, establish relationships that foster understanding, discover the relationships between music and culture, and become lifelong musical learners. 

2022 Winners

Arnima Agrawal - Band

Annie Asher - Choir

Erin Collins - Spirit

Emily Wang - Orchstra

Holiday Winds 2023
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Music Binder PDFs

Both parts of the Winter Band Concerts are available to stream on Mr. Kurinsky's YouTube Channel. You can also see the Concert Program here. 

Winter Jazz Concert Livestream:

Hansen Family Scholarship

In collaboration with the Hinsdale Central High School Foundation (the Foundation), the Hansen Family Music Excellence Scholarship Fund (the Fund) is providing $1,750 scholarship grants (the Scholarship) to three 2023 graduating HCHS seniors in the HCHS Music Department. Beginning in 2017, scholarships, totaling $28,000, have been given to nineteen (19) deserving students. The purpose of the Fund is to recognize and to promote the excellence of the HCHS Music Department and of its students. Each of the three main HCHS Music Department Performance Areas (Band, Vocal and Orchestra) will be represented with a student member being selected from each performance area for one of the three merit-based Scholarships.

Please read the Instruction Sheet provided for your use. In this document, qualified HCHS Music Department students will find the requirements expected of them to be a successful recipient. The entire process is discussed and a link to an Application Form is provided.

Selected Scholarship Recipients are announced at the HCHS Music Awards Concert, with monetary grants given at the HCHS Senior Awards Assembly. Because of HCHS guidelines for the Senior Awards Assembly, the deadline for the submission of a complete Application is Tuesday, March 7th , 2023 at 11:59PM in order for it to be considered.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email the Scholarship Selection Committee at the Scholarship’s email address

Performing Arts Calendar

You can sync the Performing Arts Calendar to your phone or desktop.  Click on the blue + in the lower right-hand corner to add the calendar to your personal Google account.