Marion Wolfert, AG

Marion Wolfert, AG an accredited genealogist for over forty years. Specializing in Germanic research and efficient in the research of several other Eastern European countries. She has traveled extensively through Germany, Switzerland, and Czechoslovakia doing genealogical research and consultation.

Come listen to her extensive experience and stories of linking generations and families!

Recap of Discovery Day 2021

JD & Jenn Barnes

This amazing couple participated in Season 6 of BYUTv's Relative Race. Their story of how they came to be participants and how discovering and meeting family has changed their lives will inspire you.

Meet the Barnes


Sixteen breakout sessions to help you discover your family, add to the tree & inspire you to connect to your ancestors. Details below. Each session will have a Zoom class option. Those classes will be present at the event or can be viewed from home via Zoom.

Up to the CHallenge?

We have several mini challenges that you can do to help you learn new record source and search ideas to develop your family history skills.

Class Descriptions

Session A: 11:00 am - 11:50 am

Relative Race Q&A - JD and Jenn Barnes: Come learn more about their Relative Race experience! What would you ask JD & Jenn? This is your opportunity!

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints class (Ward Plan and Family Plan): Outline how to create effective Ward Temple & Family History plans, including plans for members and their families. JD White, Instructor

What’s New on FamilySearch: This class will present new features and upgrades to the FamilySearch website during 2021. Come find out what FamilySearch has been doing up front and behind the scenes to make your research experience better. Some outside FamilySearch helps will be featured as well. Zoom class. Bob Givens, Instructor, Handout Link

Searching the US Census: The Federal Census started in 1790 and is recorded every ten years. Utilizing these records can help us reconstruct our family story as we follow them throughout the years. Details found in the census might surprise you! Pam Duce, Instructor Handout Link

Session B: 12:00 pm - 12:50 pm

You’ve Got Mail: Discuss what it means when you get a “Hints” notice on FamilySearch and what value this is to you. What does it mean? What do you do next? What is beyond the horizon regarding venues to move into the vastness of research frontiers and discovery? Ann Woods, Instructor, Handout Link

Descendancy Research: Climbing Down the Tree: Researching back down our lines not only introduces us to new relatives but may also help us understand our direct ancestors and break through some brick walls. Descendancy research is also an essential component of making DNA discoveries! Pam Duce, Instructor Handout Link

Power of the Post - Making Family History Connections through social media: Harness the power of social media to interact with family, find new family, and make genealogical connections. This class explores ways to connect on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, whether through posts or groups. Learn what to post to engage family members and how to reach your ideal audience. Zoom class.Taralyn Parker, Instructor, Handout Link

Family History on the Go "Genealogy I am Doing It": This class will go on a tour of the many features that are available to us on the FamilySearch app. We will also learn how to interact with others around us and may discover unknown family relations in class by using this app. Tammy Lively, instructor, Handout Link

Lunch Hour 1: Enjoy lunch with others during this session. This is the first of 2 chances to have lunch at the event.

Session C: 1:00 pm - 1:50 pm

The Family History Guide: The presentation will explore The Family History Guide, a free website with visitors from over 150 countries and available in 100 languages. You will learn how to navigate the website and how to get started or increase your family history journey. You'll also learn how to use an industry-leading learning system that provides step-by-step instructions to help you: Learn FamilySearch, Learn Ancestry, Learn MyHeritage, Learn Findmypast, Do research effectively for many countries of the world, Track your learning progress online, Enjoy over 200 fun and engaging family history activities. Gayle Crawford, Instructor, Handout LInk

Creating a Tree from Scratch on Family Search: Do you want to know what you will need to do when you first sign into FamilySearch and go to the Family Tree? This class will walk you through the steps to set up a pedigree from scratch. In so doing, you will be introduced to many of the features of Family Tree and how they work. By the time the class is over you should be able to build your own tree. Zoom class Bob Given, Instructor, Handout Link

Managing Scanned and Digital Photos: In this class, he will demonstrate how he used a scanner to scan pictures, label them, and use them in Microsoft Word to publish his mother-in-law's history. He will also talk about the publishing process for the 190-page colored book and what he did to save 50% off a black and white spiral-bound version that was otherwise being contemplated. He will give specific names of hardware and software that might help in the process if you are doing any scanning or printing. Richard Dance, Instructor, Handout Link

DNA the Pre-Test Prep: What is involved in a DNA test? How are the results determined? Which company should I test with? We will discuss these and other questions to consider before taking a DNA test. Pam Duce, Instructor Handout Link

Lunch Hour 2: Enjoy lunch with others during this session. This is the second of 2 chances to have lunch at the event.

Session D: 2:00 pm - 2:50 pm

Using DNA Matches to Answer Family History Questions: I have my matches; now what? We will discuss researching relationships, identifying common ancestors, and more. Pam Duce, Instructor Handout Link

Indexing: Pay it Forward: Indexing – What is it? Why is it important? How do you and others benefit from indexing efforts? This class answers these questions and teaches you the basics of indexing and how these contributions vastly improve everyone’s Family History efforts. It is easy does not take much time per setting. Jill King, Instructor, Handout Link

Merging Duplicates in Family Search: In this class, you will learn how duplications of individuals occur in Family Search. You will also learn how to examine the records and decide if a merge should occur, then, if necessary, how to proceed with a merge. Rhonda Budvarson, Handout Link

This Just In: Your Ancestors Made the News!: Newspapers are historical gems that provide a treasure trove of information you might not have thought about. Did your ancestor survive a great catastrophe? Did your ancestor host regular parties? Did your ancestor commit a crime? *Gasp!* The instructor will use news clippings and personal news stories to teach you how to find names and stories you didn't even know you were missing. Zoom class Tifani Clark, Instructor, Handout Link

Meet the Instructors

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