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The ASG (in New York), founded in 1965 as an unincorporated academic society, has a president, a first vice president, a second vice president, a secretary who acts as its chief executive officer and a treasurer as its officers. The officers are assisted by a board of directors. The Society's domestic day to day affairs (including domestic conference management and domestic publications) are managed by its secretary in New York. The officers and directors of the ASG are striving to create a vibrant academic association dedicated to the promotion of geolinguistics as an academic discipline throughout the world.

In addition to annual international conferences in New York (Baruch College, CUNY), the main office of the Society holds meetings several times yearly in New York City and holds an annual luncheon near Baruch College in June.

It publishes an annual journal that is distributed to all paid-up members. Articles for this journal are welcomed from members and non-members alike. Articles should be reasonably intelligible to educated non-specialists. All submissions should be typed single-spaced, with double spacing between paragraphs, notes and works cited at the end, in camera-ready form, and can be sent via e-mail attachment to the editor. The journal is peer-reviewed. In addition to the annual journal, other occasional publications appear, for which submission requirements will be found elsewhere.

Current dues remain at $35 for active membership, $25 for students and retirees, and $40 for foreign membership.

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