ASGT International Conference in Kathmandu

The 1st International ASGT Conference in Nepal 2019:

Multilingual Perspectives in Geolinguistics, II

March 15 to 16, 2019

Venue: Center for Nepal and Asian Studies (CNAS Hall)

Tribhuvan University, Kirtipur, Kathmandu-Nepal

Call for Presentation Proposals

Geolinguistics is largely concerned with the solutions oriented study of the problems arising from the impact languages and dialects have on each other over a specified period of time in a certain geographic location. Geolinguistic ethnography encompasses the study of the impact of language on some aspect of culture, likewise, as it is limited by time and location and being solutions oriented by nature. Multilingual perspectives, one of the emerging issues in the field of Geolinguistics has influenced the academic arena globally. Nepal, a beautiful country in South Asia; accommodating 123 languages represents a linguistics mosaic of note. Along with these backgrounds, The American Society of Geolinguistics in Tokyo (ASGT) announces the “1st ASGT International Conference 2019: Multilingual Perspectives on Geolinguistics” going to be held in Tribhuvan University at Kathmandu, Nepal on 15th to 16th March, 2019. Though, the first international ASGT conference is to take place in Nepal, it will be the second time; it will be carried out under this name. The first was held in April of 2015 in Tokyo to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the foundation of The American Society of Geolinguistics in New York City by the famous linguist, Professor Mario Pei of Columbia University. The ASGT conferences aim to introduce the latest research results and practical applications in the fields of geolinguistics and geolinguistic ethnography to an exclusive gathering of academicians, researchers, professionals, experts, and language activists/practitioners, in response to the changing world in which we live. Though the focus of this conference is on multilingual issues in Geolinguistics, contributions on all aspects of Geolinguistics and Geolinguistic Ethnography will be welcomed. Examples of permitted research fields are as follow:

  • Polyglottery
  • Language learning/teaching in the light of regional and global trends
  • Plurilingual situations at the local, national, and world levels
  • Contextualizing global language practices in more localized contexts
  • Contextualized Language Teaching
  • Language planning and policies of cities and nations
  • Linguistic implications of mass migrations
  • Language change as a function of global and/or local contact
  • Dialectical differences related to, or resulting from, socio-cultural factors
  • Arenas of human interaction that are fertile grounds for language change
  • Ethnic identities and cultural heritage
  • Geolinguistic aspects of literature and literary criticism

Due to the international nature of the event, presentations are, unless an interpreter is made available, to be delivered in English only. Papers read at the conference may be submitted for peer review and possible subsequent publication by The American Society of Geolinguistics Publications (ASGP), an ASG/ASGT affiliated organization. The ASGP's policy is to accept the submission of papers from any individual, though paper submission does not equal paper acceptance or paper publication, and a processing fee will be taken from individuals who are not ASG/ASGT/ASGP members. Please refer to the ASGP page of the Geolinguistics Information website ( for further information regarding the possible publication of conference papers.

December 30, 2018: Deadline for submissions, which should include,

1) the presentation title and summary (up to 300 words) in English,

2) the author's name, affiliation and email address,

3) a draft of the paper one intends to read should be submitted before presentation to the three email addresses listed below.

January 20, 2019: the screening committee will inform applicants whether their initial submissions have been accepted or rejected.

March 15-16, 2019: International Conference

Conference fees

Presenters: Regular Members: 1000 NPR; Courtesy Members: 1000 NPR; Non-members: 1500 NPR.

Party fee: to be decided (approximately 1000 ~ 2000 NPR).

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