Geolinguistics Book Reviews, 37: 2011


Jonathon Green: Green's Dictionary of Slang

Paul V Korskrity: Telling Stories in the Face of Dancer: Language Renewal in Native American Communities

Scott F Riesling: Linguistic Variation and Change

Yasemin Yildiz: Beyond the Mother Tongue

Sara Pugach: Africa in Translation: A History of Colonial Linguistics in Germany and Beyond, — 1814-1945

Susan Petrilli: Expression and Interpretation in Language

Victor Ginsburgh & Shlomo Weber: How Many Language Do We Need?

Gale Stam & Mika Ishino, eds: Integrating Gestures: The Interdisciplinary Nature of Gestures

Victor Golla: Californian Indian Languages

Lisa Lim & Nikolas Gisborne: The Typology of Asian Englishes

Stephen J Cowley, ed: Distributed Language

Cathy N Davidson: Now You See It

Mark Bauerlein: The Digital Divide

Andrew Arno: Alarming Reports

John Postill: Localizing the Internet

Bas Aarts: Oxford Modern English Grammar

Daniel Chandler & Rod Munday: Dictionary of Media and Communication

Fredric Field: Bilingualism in the USA: The Case of the Chicano- Latino Community

Robert McCrum: Globish: How the English Language Became the World's Language

Magnus Ljung: Swearing: A Cross-Cultural Linguistic Study

Peter Miller: The Smart Swarm

Philip N Howard: Castells and the Media

John P Leavey, ed: Jacques Derrida Parages

John McWhorter: What Language Is (And What It Isn't and What It Could Be)

Rich Ling & Scott W Campbell, eds: Mobile Communication: Bringing Us Together and Tearing Us Apart

David M Mark, Andrew G Turk, Niclas Burenhult & David Stea, eds: Landscape in Language

Mary Bucholtz: White Kids: Language, Race, and Styles of Identity

"X, Professor": In the Basement of the Ivory Tower

Peter Lunenfeld: The Secret War between Downloading and Uploading: Tales of the Computer as Culture Machine

Cyrus Farivar: The Internet of Elsewhere: The Emergent Effects of a Wired World

Claudia Claridge: Hyperbole in English: A Corpus-based Study of Exaggeration

Jean Burgess & Joshua Green: YouTube: Online Video and Participatory Culture

Pauk Watzlawick, Janet Beavin Bavekas, & Don D Jackson: Pragmatics of Human Communication

Ferdinand de Saussure: Course in General Linguistics

Karl Bühler: Theory of Language

Gerda Hassler, ed: History of Linguistics

Annick De Houwer & Antje Wilton, eds: English in Europe Today

Mark Balnaves & Michele Willson: A New Theory of Information and the Internet

Tatjana Soldat-Jaffe: Twenty-first Century Yiddishism

Anne McCabe: An Introduction to Linguistics and Language Studies

Alwin Frank Fill: The Language Impact: Evolution — System — Discourse


Vincenzo Lo Cascio, ed: Dizionario combinatorio compatto italiano


Heike Wiese: Kiezdeutsch Ein neuer Dialekt entsteht

SOHAIR SOUKKARY Amal Al Malki, David Kaufer, Suguru Ishizaki & Kira Dreher: Arab Women in Arab News: Old Stereotypes and New Media

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