Geolinguistics Book Reviews, 32: 2006


John Myhill: Language, Religion and National Identity in Europe and the Middle East

Désiré Baloubi: The Morphonemics of the Idaacha Dialect of Yoruba

Robbins Burling: The Talking Ape

Keith Brown, ed.: Encyclopedia of Languages & Linguistics

Matthias B. Lehman: Ladino Rabbinic Literature and Ottoman Sephardic Culture

Sandra Bermann & Michael Wood, eds.: Nation, Language and The Ethics of Translation

Hana Wirth-Nesher.: Call It English: The Languages of Jewish American Literature

Markus Egg.: Flexible Semantics for Reinterpretation Phenomena

Evelyn Nien-ming Ch?en: Weird English

Noam Chomsky: Language and Mind, 3rd ed.

Steven Poole: Unspeak

Eric Fong, ed.: Inside the Mosaic

Ans van Kemenade & Bettelou Los, eds.: The Handbook of the History of English

Nan Levinson: Outspoken

Tomi Adeaga: Translating and Publishing African Language(s) and Literature(s)

Ladislav Zgusta: Lexicography Then and Now

Robert E. Denton, Jr., ed.: Language, Symbols and the Media:

Communication in the Aftermath of the World Trade Center Attack

Kristin Bührig & Jan. D. ten Thije, eds: Beyond Misunderstanding

Markku Filppula, et al.: Dialects across Borders

Frederick Erickson: Talk and Social Theory

John B. Thompson: Books in the Digital Age

Jonathan Charteris-Black: Politicians and Libraries: The Persistent Power of Metaphor

G. Tucker Childs: An Introduction to African Languages

Laurel J. Brinton: The Structure of Modern English

Wilson McLeod, ed. Revitalising Gaelic in Scotland

Wilson McLeod et al.: Cànan R Cultar/Language & Culture

Anne Betten & Monica Dannerer, eds.: Dialogue Analysis IX: Dialogue in Literature and the Media

Krisztina Karoly & Agota Fpris: New Trends in Translation Studies

Susie Dent: Fanboys and Overdogs: The Language Report

José Medina: Language: Key Concepts in Philosophy

Thomas Ricento, ed.: An Introduction to Language Policy

R. Clifton Spargo: Vigilant Memory: Emmanuel Levinas, the Holocaust and the Unjust Death

Sufia M. Uddin: Religion, Ethnicity and Language in an Islamic Nation

Aneta Pavlenko. Emotions and Multilingualism

Leslie Savan: Slam Dunks and No-Brainers: Language in Your Life, The Media, Business, Politics, and, Like, Whatever

Kristyan Spelman Miller & Paul Thompson, eds.: Unity and Diversity in Language

Michael Wex: Born to Kvetch

Tanya Reinhart: Optimal and Costly Computations

Ofelia Garcia et al.: Imagining Multilingual Schools: Languages In Education and Globalization

Partha Niyogi: The Computational Nature of Language Learning and Evolution

Roger Blench: Archeology, Language and the Africa Past

H. Dirksen Bauman et al.: Signing the Body Poetic: Essays on American Sign Language Literature

J. Clancy Clements et al.: History, Society and Variation

Elly van Gelderen: A History of the English Language

Ana Deumert & Stephanie Durrleman, eds: Structure and Variation in Language Contact

John Tak. Significant Gestures: A History of American Sign Language

Florian Wolf & Edward Gibson: Coherence in Natural Language

Roland Breton: Atlas des langues du monde

Heidi Byrnes, ed: Advanced Language Learning

Peter Auer et al.: Dialect Change: Convergence and Divergence in European Languages

Norman Fairclough: Language and Globalization

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