Geolinguistics Book Reviews, 34: 2008


Michael Erard: Babel No More

Larissa Aronin & David Singleton: Multilingualism

Ee-Ling Low & Azirah Hashim, eds: English in Southeast Asia: Features, Policy and Language

Isabelle Buchstaller & Ingrid Van Alphen, eds: Quotatives: Socio-Linguistic and Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives

Andrew Blum: Tubes: A Journey to the Center of the Internet

Daniel L Everett: Language: The Cultural Tool

Pierfranca Forchini: Movie Language Revisited

Nancy L Coleman & Olav Veka: A Handbook of Scandinavian Names

Anne Cutler: Native Listening: Language Experience and the Recognition of Spoken Words

Jeremy Waldron: The Harm in Hate Speech

Joan C Beal, Lourdes Burbano-Elizondo & Carmen Llamas: Urban North-Eastern English: Tyneside to Teesside

Kenneth Goldsmith: Uncreative Writing

Thomas J Misa: Leonardo to the Internet

Kelly A Gates: Our Biometric Future

Christopher Johnson: Microstyle: The Art of Writing Little

Geert Lovink: Networks without a Cause: A Critique of Social Media

Julie Coleman: The Life of Slang

Ray Jackendorf: A User's Guide to Thought and Meaning

James Hammond Trumbull: Natick Dictionary: A New England Indian Lexicon

Paleo Innes, Linda Alexander & Bertha Tilkins: Intermediate Creek/ Mvskoke Emponvkv Hokkolat

Heather Graves & Roger Graves: A Strategic Guide to Technical Communication

Richard W Bailey: Speaking American

Julian Cranberry: The Calusa: Linguistic and Cultural Origins and Relationships

Markus Bieswanger, Heiko Motschenbacher & Susanne Mühleisen, eds: Language in its Socio-Cultural Context

Mark Balnaves & Michele Wilson: A New Theory of Information and The Internet

Jeff Rice: Digital Detroit

Chambers Dictionary

David Skinner: The Story of Ain't: America, Its Language and the Most Controversial Dictionary Ever Published

David Crystal: Spell It Out

Sarah Ogilvie: Words of the World

Benjamin K Bergen: Louder than Words

Sean Tunney & Garrett Monaghan, eds: Web Journalism: A New Form of Citizenship

Boris Gasparov: Beyond Pure Reason

Regina Freudenfeld & Florian Feuser, eds: Mit Sprach(en) zym Beruf

Richard D Taylor & Amit M Schejter, eds: Beyond Broadband Access

Kurt Braunmüller & Christopher Gabriel: Multilingual Individuals and Multilingual Societies

Fiona McArthur, José Luis Oncins-Martínez, Manuel Sánchez-García & Ana María Piquer-Píriz, eds: Metaphor in Use: Context, Culture and Communication

Mark Forsyth: Etimologicon


Joan McConnell & Shuichi Takeda: Enjoyable Reading II: Zoku Yonde minitsuku Kihonbun kei

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