Aero Commander 500

The Aero Commander 500 family is a series of light-twin piston-engined and turboprop aircraft originally built by the Aero Design and Engineering Company in the late 1940s, renamed the Aero Commander company in 1950, and a division of Rockwell International from 1965. The initial production version was the 200-mph, seven-seat Aero Commander 520. An improved version, the 500S, manufactured after 1967, is known as the Shrike Commander



Livery specific fuselage reflection.

ALS Glass rain effect ( + sound FX ).

ALS cockpit shadow.

Instrument lighting fixed - now working from the switch on the overhead panel.

Removed the old ALS landing light cones.


Original Model from FG Library / Helijah

- Rembrandt Ready

- FDM Updated

- MP Animations updated

- Ambient and Emmission values updated

- MP Passenger option added

- Green tint on glasss removed

- Buckaroo's excellent YASIM scripts used used to give realistic engine values and operation

- Radio fitment updated

- RNAV Capable

- Rear seating added

- Fuselage shape smoothed and tweaked

- Custom Electrical system

- Overhead panel updated with Battery, Alternator and Light Switches

- Beautiful High Res liveries by Gary Brown