The Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion is the largest and heaviest helicopter in the United States military. As the Sikorsky S-80 it was developed from the CH-53 Sea Stallion, mainly by adding a third engine, adding a seventh blade to the main rotor and canting the tail rotor 20 degrees. It was built by Sikorsky Aircraft for the United States Marine Corps 



Further FDM improvements.

ALS Glass and fuselage effects added.

Rotor wash on grass effect added.

Updated Particle system.

Compositor/HDR compatible external lighting.

Compositor/HDR panel flood lighting.

13 Liveries.

 Compatible with the Cargo Towing addon available here:- ... wingAddon/ 

Autopilot V3 fitted. Read  the In Sim help  before use.

SAR recovery script added.

Basic HDR compatibility added.