Co-work with HealthCare professionals

"Professional collaboration improves the quality of patient care by making better use of each professional expertise and greater patient integration." ("Interprofessional collaboration", Ontario Social and Community Services)

A professional collaboration is needed

In many cases, it is the patient that develops its own alternatives to improve their situation.

This means that, for some subdomains, there is room for the healthcare professionals (you) to think about including proactively some options that can be aligned with your therapeutical strategy.

Apply practices centered on the patient in the context of an interprofessional collaboration, complementing roles and responsabilities when healing the patient, complementing your work with guidelines and objectives provided by you. In brief I put into place mechanisms and situations that support the work you are doing with your patient.

Such a delicate collaboration needs a context of security, respect and a clear frame that contributes to the healing of your patient. Then we can agree about the way to follow up and the specifications to work on and be reported.

My offer to complement your work or how I can help

  • I can offer ‘mise en situation’ that, later, can be integrated, discussed with the patient in your cabinet;
  • Let the client experience the value of hugs, physical contact or even just the presence of a male energy;
  • Allowing a reconnection of the patient to their sensations and emotions. Experimenting, observing them. The work of understanding and integration will be done by the patient during your therapy;
  • The protocol and objectives for the patient, keep evolving according to your guidelines;
  • Regular exchange of information in order to coordinate possible strategies for further activities for the patient.

I invite you to exchange some words with me and together evaluate options that can benefit the patient.