Parents! We need your help again. Please help us by signing up for a "hall monitor" slot and to provide 1/2 of a team meal on the sign-ups below!

FRC 2019 Season: Team MealsBrute Force Parents! The FRC 2019 Season begins on January 5! Then we'll meet on Wednesday and Friday evenings, and all day on Saturdays until March to design and build our robot and prepare for our competitions. Building robots is hard work, so we'll need to feed the team for EVERY MEETING, so please help us out by signing up for one team meal! The food keeps the team going and is a huge time saver! I expect approximately 30 people at each meeting, which is too many for one family to provide for, so I created two meal slots for each meeting. This way, two families can share the providing of a meal (for example, one provides the main dish while the other provides the salad/fruit, sides, drinks, etc). Please add your contact info when signing up to allow coordination with the other meal provider for that meeting.  However, if you want to provide all of the food for a particular meeting, then please sign up for both meal slots for that meeting. What to feed the team? Pizza or other take-out food is easy to do, but can be expensive! Other popular (and less expensive) meals have been home-made things like a pot of pasta/spaghetti, mac and cheese, or chili with a side of salad or fresh fruit. Another easy option is a sandwich bar (rolls, lunch meat, cheese, lettuce, mayo, mustard). We have three vegetarians on the team, so if you could please accommodate them in your meal planning that would be very much appreciated!  Thank you so much! We're very grateful for whatever you can provide! Call or text me (Coach Erik) at 303-249-0164 if you have any questions.

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