Pinterest Creations

Social media is an important element of modern communication. Finding ways to harness it to the yoke of education to help promote learning is an important part of the modern educator's toolkit. Presented here are some Pinterest boards that I created as part of a small group project.

Evolution Materials "Cluster"

These Pinterest boards provide clusters of resources that support a variety of learning standards, including the New Jersey Student Learning Standards, the Next Generation Science Standards, and the Core Curriculum Standards.

Science teachers could employ this curated collection of materials to further their lessons on evolution.

Fantasy Books Boards

This collection of Pinterest boards examines possible subgenres of Fantasy. Each board provides a working definition for the subgenre, along with links to examplar texts, short summaries, and explanations of how the text fits the subgenre. Although each board was nominally under the control of one member of the working group for this project, each group member contributed multiple titles per board.

The first of our five boards was High Fantasy.

An example from our High Fantasy board - each item pinned to the board included some information about the book to help viewers decide if this was a book that would be of interest from within the identified subgenre.

High Fantasy was followed by Middle Fantasy.

Low Fantasy was the next obvious stop.

We also identify Historical Fantasy as a subgenre.

Our fifth Fantasy subgenre was Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, and Myths.