As part of my coursework while earning my MLIS degree, I was required to create a LibGuide. I chose to make a functional tool that would help students with their 8th grade "Making the World Better" project, which had started as part of one of my Language Arts classroom assignments, then grew to become a grade-level project.

Students in the 8th grade were able to take advantage of the original guide, and reported that it was quite useful. Immediately after the project was completed, administrative changes to the curriculum altered the project significantly. To help students and teachers as they approached the newly cross-disciplinary envisioned project, I created a new LibGuide.

The Original

This guide focuses more on the aspects of the research process itself. It is primarily geared toward students.

A Revised Guide for a Revised Project

This guide provides research suggestions and tools, but it also provides abundant creation resources to help students share what they have learned.

There is also a more complete section for teachers.